“It was our joy to have Jerry Johnston with us for six days. He holds the attention of the congregation throughout the meetings. His Bible-based, contemporarily-illustrated messages speak in a gripping manner to needs rarely addressed by most pastors. His compassionate, no-nonsense, effervescent style maintains audience involvement. The centrality of Christ as the answer to today’s issues in uncompromising.”

– Dr. Nelson Price, Senior Minister
Roswell Street Baptist Church
Marietta, Georgia

“Jerry Johnston delivers a powerful and relevant message to young people grappling with life in the 1990’s. His life store and experiences give him a credible and unique perspective to address the fears, issues and concerns which confront our nation’s teenagers.

Jerry’s persuasive messages on drug use and alcohol abuse, sex, violence and suicide holds students spellbound as her reaches a helping hand into their hearts.

Jerry’s messages in one of hope and salvation. His delivery is dynamic and inspirational. coca-Cola Consolidated has been pleased to have been a part of Jerry’s Life Assembly program, not only in Charlotte, but as he takes his important message across the country.”

– Mr. J. Frank Harrison, III, Vice Chairman
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
Charlotte, North Carolina

“No generation portrays the confusion of our times more graphically than the youth of our day. Deluged by the bombardment of sensuality, they have become enslaved to the movement and get destructively wrongheaded so early in life. To compound their malady, they hear echoes of their own emptiness leading them only further into a sense of alienation. Amidst this cacophony of sounds, it is thrilling to know that God has raised up a voice – in the preaching ministry of Jerry Johnston. I do not know to too many who can stand on such needy terrain and hold a young audience spellbound, as they listen to the word of God. Jerry is so clearly called, equipped and anointed in this distinctive roll. I pray that God would raise up many more with this giftedness and strength. I firmly believe that if Jerry Johnston could address this entire generation of high school students, it might well change the county.”

– Dr. Ravi K. Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Atlanta, Georgia

“The Jerry Johnston Event at Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church was a time of outreach, in-gathering, soul searching, and heightened spiritual sensitivity for our church and city. The building was filled in every service and final evening, ‘Youth Night,’ the Worship Center was packed. The Spirit of God moved each time Jerry spoke – in schools during the and in the Event service each evening. At the close of every service scores of people responded to the invitation to receive Christ as Savior. The city has been influenced and the church and the Kingdom enlarged through this event.”

– Dr. Stephen N. Johnson
Mabel White Baptist Church
Macon, Georgia

“Your ministry here in Oklahoma City and at (our) Church was outstanding. Your spirit loving, cooperative, serving and caring. My entire staff commented on what a helpful, loving and serving person you are. Your messages were well prepared and documented. They were clear and concise and anointed by the Spirit of God. The invitations you gave were clear and powerful, but not manipulative or drawn-out. You did an excellent job in the pulpit, and your addresses in the schools were extraordinary. The response from the students and the administration was overwhelmingly positive. It is no wonder that 4000 students and parents came to our final service at the Fairgrounds as a result of the Holy Spirit working through you in those assemblies.

God has certainly gifted you with an appeal both to adults and to youth. I was amazed at the great number of comments from literally hundreds of adults about your maturity and obvious spiritual depth. Jerry, words cannot express the love and appreciation I have for you because of the time you took to minister to my family in a very personal way.”

– Dr. Rod Masteller
Putnam City Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I would like to share with you a few words about Jerry Johnston and the marvelous Family Event held in Paducah, Kentucky. The Spirit of God began with the pastors and ministers of our community. It was the first time we came together with a common vision. We saw God honor the months of toil and prayers of pastors and their churches of various denominations.

The event each night was preceded by rallies during the day at area high schools. I personally led the counseling team, who accompanied Jerry to thirteen high schools. From the rural county schools to inner-city high schools, Jerry’s message penetrated the hearts of young people After each assembly our team was ready to counsel troubled youth. Frustrated with youth problems, school administrators welcomed Jerry’s fresh innovative approach. Jerry did not lecture, but relived his life with them.

The event climaxed on the final night with over 6,000 in attendance (a record for the Expo Center) with over 380 decisions for Christ. We were overwhelmed at the response as God saved hundreds of souls. I thank God for Jerry Johnston. From what God has done through Jerry’s ministry here, I truly believe that our community will never be the same.”

– Paul Blizard
Reidland Baptist Church
President, Kentucky Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference

“Jerry is a dynamic , articulate, sensitive, Bible-based, and always well prepared preacher of the Gospel. Jerry is a member of a special Area Event Task Force which we have formed at the Home Mission Board. This task force is made up of six of our most effective and active area event evangelists in the Southern Baptist Convention. Jerry is helping us promote and implement more effective area events while keeping them affordable for any community. He has also agreed to abide by a code of ethics adopted by the group. I heartily commend Jerry and his ministry to you as you reach out to the youth and adults of your community.”

– Dr. Richard Harris, Director, Mass Evangelism Department
Home Mission Board
Atlanta, Georgia

“To all who love and relish the simple preaching of the Gospel of the grace of God, I would earnestly recommend Jerry Johnston. His ministry is characterized by a deep-toned evangelical spirit. I can speak as one who has sat under his ministry in the Prayer Palace, completely captivated by Jerry Johnston’s unique anointing. He commands the attention of all levels of the family unit and ministers to them, resulting in a great altar call response. The Prayer Palace has been blessed with the Jerry Johnston Association and looks forward to working with them in the future.”>– Reverend Paul D. Melnichuk
The Prayer Palace
Toronto, Ontario

“We had just had Jerry Johnston in our church for a one day event. We had 36 saved and 250 decisions. WE have not ever had services where the power of God was more evident or where such a large number of decisions were made. Jerry preached under the anointing of God and our church was richly blessed by his ministry. Jerry is gifted but also gracious. He was a perfect gentleman and a delight to work with. I have not ever heard of a better plan to touch a city for Christ than the one God has given Jerry Johnston.”

– Dr. Fred Lowery, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Bossier City, Louisiana

“I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever the wonderful ministry of Jerry Johnston. The high school presentation that Jerry presents is one of the most dramatic and effective that I’ve ever witnessed in my years of working with young people across America. It’s obvious that God’s hand of anointing is upon him. While with us here at New Hope Jerry spoke in over sixteen different schools and on Friday night alone, we saw over 160 professions of faith. he is one of the most exciting speakers that we’ve ever had the privilege of working with. On our closing night we had to go into a high school gymnasium that seated over 2,000 people with two different services in order to accommodate the crowd. I just cannot recommend enough the ministry of Jerry Johnston, obviously one of God’s chosen servants”

– Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard
New Hope Baptist Church
Fayetteville, Georgia

“In the Fall of 1982, Jerry Johnston conducted his first crusade for the Akron Baptist Temple in Akron, Ohio. With the blessings of God upon that crusade, we set dates for a crusade in 1984. A few months prior to the 1984 crusade, the advance man for Jerry Johnston, came to meet the the staff of the Akron Baptist Temple. We gave specific responsibilities to each staff member. Due to the tremendous impact on the schools in 1982, the doors were wide open for Jerry to come back. Jerry spoke in 17 different schools and conducted 23 assembled; some doubled sessions. Well over 20,000 students heard these assemblies. Promotional tracts were distributed along with posters, newspaper ads ad telecasts were used in promoting the meeting. A special emphasis was given each week night. Monday Night was a “Pack a Pew Night”, and Bill Murray, son of Madeline Murray, the atheist, gave his testimony of how he came to the saving knowledge of Christ. Tuesday night was “Neighbor Night” and Wednesday was “Church Loyalty Night”, with a special emphasis on the Sunday School. we also ran our Sunday morning bus routes on Wednesday night. Thursday night was “Family Night”, we gave a beautiful colored 8 x 10 picture of the interior of our new sanctuary to each family. Friday night was “Youth Night:. On Friday night the invitation was directed to the unsaved. I think the special emphasis nights were effective, in that each night was an additional emphasis to attend the crusade. On Friday night we were able to get the names and addresses of 721 decisions. I am sure there were 200-300 individuals that it was impossible for us to get their names; I feel certain there were over 1,000 decisions made. Approximately 40,000 attended the crusade. Over 1200 decisions were made with 212 uniting with the church.”

– Dr. Charles Billington
Akron Baptist Temple
Akron, Ohio

“From Novermber 5 through 9, we held a city-wide event in Amarillo with Jerry Johnston. The event was held in our city’s Civic Center. The response to the event was truly overwhelming. Not only did we have top people in almost every area of leadership attend the evening meetings, but the Mayor and City Commision of Amarillo and two other cities made an official proclamation declaring the week of our event as a city-wide drug and suicide prevention week in honor of the Jerry Johnston event.

This was unprecedented in our experience. We have held city-wide events before, but we have never had such broad participation from leadership of our community. At the evening events, we had 386 recorded first-time decisions for Christ. We also had 362 people rededicate their lives to Christ. On Thursday eventing was the youth service where 7,500 young people came. It literally packed our Civic Center Coliseum. We consider the week of the Jerry Johnston Event a huge success. As a pastor I can also highly recommend Jerry Johnston and his evangelistic team to you as a dedicated and highly professional ministry you can trust. I have never dealt with anyone who was more sensitive to our needs or who served us and our community with more integrity.”

– Dr. Jimmy Evans, Senior Pastor
Trinity Church
Amarillo, Texas

“Jerry, this gives me a good opportunity to tell you that I’m hearing nothing but good, positive testimonials about your work. In this day when there seems to be a void of real old-fashioned integrity and morals among leaders, it is so refreshing, when I hear of the way God is using you.”

– Dr. T.W. Wilson
Billy Graham Evangelistic Team

“Yes, genuine revival did take place here. The good results can never be lost. The large number of persons who trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord will never be the same again. Especially did I appreciate Jerry’s commitment to seeing hat each person who made a decision understood what it was they were doing and the significance of linking their lives to the fellowship. The thousands of young people who heard Jerry in each of our five high schools were affected by his messages in positive ways that keep filtering in, and that makes our hearts exceedingly glad. It was our best revival week ever!”

– Dr. Roger McDonald, former Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Garland, Texas

“We had heard talk of hundreds being saved and hundreds more getting their lives right with God. But I am not really sure we really believed it could happen here. We had great revival attendance and many meaningful decisions in the church and then on Friday eventing at the school thousands gathered. In fact on Friday eventing we had over 3,000 in attendance. All total we had 635 people saved and over 300 rededicate their lives anew to God. During the week Jerry spoke to 10,775 students in the schools throughout the area. I really believe that Jerry Johnston may well be the man that God raises up as a great national evangelist to call or nation back to God.”

– Dr. Gerald Davidson, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Arnold, Missouri

“It is difficult to believe a man can preach with such spiritual maturity, platform poise, and total communication. He has a background of personal experience that gives him a wealth of illustrative material that is far beyond the reach of most of the rest of us. To say that Jerry Johnston preaches with power would be an understatement. He preaches with explosive power. To say that he is a communicator would also be and understatement. He is a communicator par excellence. From the moment he stepped into the pulpit my congregation was captive. Nobody moved. Nobody left. Nobody shuffled.

The most impressive part of Jerry Johnston’s ministry is his invitation. It is not a D.L. Moody invitation. It is not a Billy Graham invitation. It is uniquely his. When he asked for those who had raised there hands to begin coming before the invitation song was sung, I could hardly believe my eyes. People of all ages stood to their feet and began to make their way forward. It was a sight that I shall never forget. There were just as many middle aged and older people who came forward as there were young people. What he says appeals to everybody.

He came to our church totally unknown. He left our church never to be forgotten. No church would ever be the same after an Event with Evangelist Jerry Johnston.”

– Dr. Paul B. Smith, Pastor Emeritus
The Peoples Church
Toronto, Ontario

“It was the largest response we have ever had to a single event! Nearly 500 people in total responded to invitations given by the evangelist during the six-day, seven service Event. Of these, over 125 came to make an initial decision to trust Christ for salvation. Jerry Johnston preached with power to large and responsive audiences. The event began with a Sunday morning service attended by over 2,100. Thus, ranging from a low of some 1,300 to a high of nearly 3,200 at a rally in the local arena on the closing night, the attendances during the week were excellent. In addition, Jerry took his powerful anti-drug “Life Expose” program to eight area high school assemblies with over 3,000 teens in attendance. There was excellent media attention – ranging from newspaper reports, to radio and T.V. interviews with Jerry. The general consensus was that it was indeed all most worthwhile in the light of the many who responded.”

– Dr. Bill Goetz, Former Senior Pastor
Sevenoaks Alliance Church
Abbotsford, British Columbia

“Jerry Johnston led the Carey Baptist Association in Southwest Louisiana in a great event recently. Jerry’s messages were strongly Biblical and were forcefully delivered. Nearly 700 decisions were registered with nearly 500 of these being professions of faith. An attendant at the Civic Center stated that the last night’s attendance was the largest “sit-down” attendance to ever attend a function in the Civic Center; over 8,500. Jerry did an outstanding job in speaking to over 8,500 high school students in area schools”

– Rev. Vernon Chevallier
Director of Missions/Ministries
Carey Baptist Association
Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Jerry Johnston is a unique kind of evangelist in that he is youthful enough to communicate well with today’s teens, be he is mature and biblically knowledgeable enough to inspire confidence in their parents and other church leaders. Jerry has his heart on the pulse of today’s teens like few other evangelists.”

– Dr. Tim LaHaye
Washington, D.C.

“Never have we experienced anything like last week’s event with Jerry Johnston. The spirit of every service was electrifying. The preaching was superb. The results were tremendous. 1,130 people came forward making public decision, with 542 accepting Christ as their Savior. It was evident God was working throughout the entire week 4,000 people showed up for the closing night’s rally. I can say without reservation Jerry Johnston is one of the most anointed men I know. The evidence is clear. He walks close to Jesus. He is gifted as few men are to preach with the clarity and power of the Gospel. As he stands to preach, hearts are truly hushed and attentive to receive he Truth. I believe, along with many fellow pastors, he just may be the young man God is raising up in these last days to speak His greatest message to America.”

– Dr. Richard Lee
Atlanta Georgia

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