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Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston is the founder and director of a non-profit ministry, Intentional God, Inc., that focuses on Divine Providence and God’s Sovereignty in the lives of his children. She is passionate about evangelism and desires to know Him and make Him known. She loves to read, study, cook, enjoy the outdoors, and love on her five grandchildren.

Professional Memberships Include:

• Society of Biblical Literature

• International Society for Women in Apologetics

• Evangelical Philosophical Society

• Evangelical Theological Society


Her doctoral thesis, Examining The Challenges Pastors And Their Families Encounter Emerging From A Period of Overwhelming Ministry Stress, And Developing A Strategy For Their Overall Health, is currently under review for publication.  Her research interest, and one in which she is currently pursuing a PhD, is on the study of the Rise of the Nones: America’s Religiously Unaffiliated.


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