Pastors quitting? Families falling apart?
Marriages that cannot endure ministry?

Statistically, ministry vocation is one of high risk emotionally, mentally, maritally, and even physically. Who ministers to the minister?  Who encouragers the encouragers? How can you effective teach biblical truth if you are struggling? Who can relate? Who can you talk to?  We have four respected ministry veterans ready to listen and care!

Pastors, associate pastors, small group and Sunday school teachers, lay ministry leaders, and every believer in the church have been given the critical assignment to explain to the lost and new believers the profound Christian truths of the faith. Apologia, a ministry founded by Dr. Sam and Annette Bailey and Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston realize that essential to the success of the mission, and the priority in every Apologia conference or staff coaching session, are two vital components:  worship, prayer and renewal with an exclusive focus on Jesus; and compassionate, experienced ministers speaking honestly with the purpose to encourage pastors and leaders in the church and induce their longevity, productivity, and joy. Sam, Annette, Cristie, and Jerry are not theoreticians when it comes to ministry. Both couples have been fruitful church planters and entrepreneurial leaders. Why should you have to endure difficulties when you can learn strategy and answers to move your ministry forward regardless of the challenges?

Apologia provides leaders and ministry veterans who have shared accountability with each other for over three decades. Our team collectively represents over 120 years of extensive ministry experience! Most important, Jerry, Cristie, Annette, and Sam coach leaders with compassion and skill to help Christian leaders overcome the trials, temptations, and difficulties inevitably faced on a daily basis. The Apologia team is uniquely equipped to help leaders overcome obstacles and find strategies of personal and ministry effectiveness for Jesus Christ. We desire to work with para church ministries, local church staff and leaders, and evangelical denominations to serve as the pastor/lay leader mentors, coaches, confidants, and friends. Why? Because we have been there!

According to Fuller Seminary and The Alban Institute, the number of American clergy that are leaving the ministry is staggering—as many as 1,500 per month!1 Moral failure among pastors is at an all-time high with six–nine pastors who commit adultery or engage in sexual misconduct every hour, 165–205 pastor each day. Every six to ten minutes a pastor falls morally in the United States. These catastrophic numbers do not include associate staff ministers who are being terminated, for a wide variety of reasons, at a rate double that of senior pastors.

One out of every two pastors in full-time vocational ministry quits during the first five years of service. The average tenure of a minister who serves in the role of “church pastor” is a brief 3.8 years. G.L. Rediger documents, “A pastor is fired or forced out every six minutes in the United States.”2


portrait-rick-warren“Sam Bailey has written a book that I wish I could have given to every member of my congregation in the early years of our church.”

Pastor Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, CA


The Apologia™ Team

portrait-samDr. Sam Bailey – is a proven leader, pastor, and entrepreneur who redefines vision. As a vocational pastoral and business veteran, Sam has presented more than 800 seminars/webinars and spoken to more than 80,000 registrants. Author of the widely circulated book, “Saving Your Pastor From Spiritual Ruin,” which is often purchased in bulk quantity and distributed to every church attender. As a 33-year pastoral veteran in the church he planted, Sam helps believers understand how to support and encourage their pastor encouraging his health, family, ministry, and vitality. Jerry and Sam are best friends that reach back to 1980 when Joe Bailey, Sam’s dad, came to Christ in an evangelistic event at which Jerry spoke. Together they have formed Apologia, which, in addition to staff coaching sessions, is creating resources, retreats, and conferences to strengthen pastors, staff members, and believers through the local church. Sam and Jerry are long-time accountability brothers and teach the same safety technique to pastors globally.
portrait-annetteAnnette Bailey – her unscripted genuine love for Jesus Christ reveals itself as she so effectively leads God’s people in sincere, unmitigated worship. Annette came to Christ after being raised in the Jewish faith. A genuine care characterizes her sincere interest in every person to whom she ministers. She is a worship leader at Twin Lakes Baptist Church (SBC) in Mountain Home, Arkansas, which she help found in 1983 with her husband Sam. Annette has recorded four solo and two trio albums complete one song in a duet with Larry Gatlin. She has a very effective gifting to minister to pastor’s wives and help them endures the challenges without souring their marriage and heart for spiritual service.
portrait-jerryDr. Jerry Johnston – since he first began preaching in 1974, Jerry has ministered in over 1,200 churches throughout North America and the world, addressed youth on over 2,500 public school campuses, resulting in 125,000 professions of faith. Jerry is the author of 13 books and featured in 17 documentaries. As a church planter, he experienced amazing church growth and unparalleled trials that has deepened his faith and proved to be a valuable resource to pastors in gaining insight. His doctoral thesis tells the story, An Exploration of Rates and Causes of Attrition Among Protestant Evangelical Clergy in the USA.”  
portrait-cristieDr. Cristie Jo Johnston – represents a new, growing genre in biblical scholarship, the female apologist and Bible teacher. Her messages are marked by theological substance with skilled application and delivery. She has expertise in writing, teaching systematic theology and decades of ministry experience, which makes her particularly effective in spiritual formation. Cristie is also the Executive Producer and Screenwriter of the upcoming nationally released documentary that will feature a “who’s who” list of international leaders. Her doctoral thesis is entitled, “Examining The Challenges Pastors And Their Families Encounter Emerging From A Period of Ministry Stress, And Developing A Strategy For Their Overall Health.


Apologia is a name you can trust in pastoral care and encouragement. Apologia conferences and ministry will make the difference in your life, ministry, and most important asset – your family. Recognizing the power of media on our culture, Apologia is distributing numerous worthy media projects designed for millions of North Americans, and countries internationally. At the heart of our collective involvement is a strong call to strengthen the local church; pastors and lay leaders by helping them understand they do not have to struggle in silence any longer. Apologia is redemptive, caring, and compassionate for every pastor and leader who needs a listening ear and a caring heart.

To learn about personal mentorship, staff coaching, or Apologia conferences in your area, please contact us.

1. K. Meek, M. McMinn, C. Brower, et al, “Maintaining Personal Resiliency: Lessons Learned from Evangelical Protestant Clergy,” Journal of Psychology and Theology, 31.4(2009), 339–47
2. R. J. Crowell (1995), “Forced Pastoral Exits: An Empirical Study” (Doctor of Ministry Dissertation, Dallas Theological Seminary: Dallas, Texas, 1995).

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