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Dr. Jerry Johnston Backstage with Dr. John LennoxDr. Jerry Johnston and Dr. Cristie Jo Johnston are filming their current documentary project and are excited to provide the following behind-the-scene discussions from that project.

Stay tuned as we bring you interviews from notable authorities in the beliefs of modern man.

Meet Jerry Johnston

I believe God has allowed us to live at this time to use digital technology to speak to the entire world. Cristie Jo and I are working on a film to be released in 2016. In addition, I speak in a variety of venues, author books, consult on trans-media and fundraising, and am privileged to serve as the Launch Director of the Christian Thinkers Society (CTS) created by my son, Jeremiah who earned his PhD in England. I am honored to work with my best friends, Dr. Sam and Annette Bailey, coaching leaders via Apologia and producing resources. I have also been appointed the National Spokesperson for the American Association of Christian Counselors by its dynamic President, Dr. Tim Clinton on an innovative Suicide Prevention Strategy for adults, youth, and military. I am working on two ultimate visions: an International Internet Church which will feature 700 messages I have filmed plus much, much more. Cristie Jo and my ultimate dream is to build a School of Speaking/Teaching/Culture/Media Excellence at Houston Baptist University. At this stage in my life with all the many experiences I have had internationally, I want to help you be the best you can be and utilize all the incredible technology tools that are available. Learn more about my journey, explore all of this web site, and contact me to help you. Follow me on Periscope as Christie Jo and I film our documentary and meet some of the most unusual people in the world!

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